Adwords text ads are getting bigger

Yesterday saw the announcement in San Francisco of more enormous changes to how the Google Adwords platform will soon change.

Adwords advert sizes are getting bigger.  Following on from the removal of the right hand column, the world on Adwords advertising continues to be the realm of the brave and the committed.
Google text adverts are changing from 25 character headlines and two 35 character descriptions to a WHOPPING TWO 30 character headlines and one FULL 80 character description line.

What this means to you is the chance to present better, more descriptive, relevant ad copy, which will certainly increase your ad rank/quality score and reduce click costs.  This will doubtless involve ad-copy to be re-written which can take time and cost. But it is, in reality, a golden gift to those who care promote their services in Google search results and will, if done correctly, drive more real customers to your website, increasing your market share.

DG-Keith-2While this extra space is a gift. We advise caution.  We predict many advertisers, especially those who run their own accounts internally not under the guidance of an informed Partner, will use this space in a less than optimum way.  We advise planing NOW!!!  Get READY NOW.. Call us today to work out what we are going to say in this new space and how.

Keith Trigwell
Digital Growth

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