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As a successful international removals business we are always looking for ways to improve our return on investment. Having had numerous web applications over the years we had recently ordered a new web site to reflect our brand and ideals.

We were and still are very happy with the site’s performance but it was costing too much to update & add new pages and was not optimised because we had not known to do any underlying key phrase research. As a result the new site was not being found in natural organic search.

To compound matters we were contracted to a PPC / Adwords provider who was costing high amounts & yielding no results at all. In fact one sale in six months. We knew we needed to do something drastic & quickly to stem the flow of lost opportunity & benefit from our new site.

We were then introduced to Digital Growth through a mutual friend and we scheduled a meeting to try to understand what was happening and how we could turn around our fortunes.

The initial meeting was free and very fruitful. Digital Growth freely explained the realities of what was happening how their approach was different, impartial and conducted on a basis of ‘Best Advice’. It was clear they were concerned with the issue at hand, not just getting us onboard and we appreciated this.

They had concerns relating to our PPC activity, website update process and missing market research and explained the concept of key phrase research, optimisation & more relating to our daily tasks.

Several dozen emails were sent over the next six weeks where Digital Growth continually looked at our PPC activities to try to establish what was really happening.  It became quickly apparent that we were lacking in transparency with our supplier who didn’t fully explain the nature of the issue and who’s answer was “more money”.

A very difficult position for Digital Growth to be in, who did not (at that time) provideAdwords PPC Management  and had no interest in doing so. Their approach was professional and impartial but they did freely advise us on what questions to ask as they knew this was the most important area to resolve.

After some time of receiving no answers from our PPC provider we decided to ask Digital Growth a sensible course of action. They believed that the account could be run in house more effectively and advised that if it was at least someone in the business would know what was happening, would have insight into the working phrases and the business could at least grow in this area in their own right.

Digital Growth had acted selflessly and professionally and we decided to bring Adwords in house. We have run it successfully ourselves ever since. In fact our spend has now increase to over twice and the campaigns are successful enough to cover this.

Digital Growth have since competed our Key Phrase research and site optimisation and have conducted some of their own Search Engine Marketing. They also update our site. This isn’t a service they advertise. They do it because they know we need it and they charge only by the minute, not part hour.

Our website now competes organically and Digital Growth we are pleased to say have entered the Adwords arena and are already a Google Engage partner.

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