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Before Digital Growth helped us we had built our first web site over ten years ago & had changed twice in that time.  Sadly for us it is very difficult for us to pinpoint a solitary piece of business which came through any of our web sites in all this time. Ultimately we only had a web site because we thought we had to.

In 2012 we decided to make things work for us but we are professional sign writers, not digital marketing or technical web people and we only had a very small budget.

We decided to use a cheap simple template driven web site package which we could update easily when we wanted, and to make it work for us commercially we needed someone in our corner who was experienced, focussed & with a cohesive strategy that fitted our customer base & our objectives.

We were fortunately introduced to a new local company, Digital Growth. Digital Growth approved the decision we had made & immediately gave us pointers as to how we could make the project work. The matter was urgent & their focus was on us from the first meeting, not winning our business.

The main employee at Digital Growth had a long history in Corporate commercial web sites & from our very first meeting we knew we were dealing with someone who thought about commercial web sites very differently from the self-anointed local “experts” we had already spoken to.  He showed us some entirely new ways of thinking about what the site should do & that it was not an online brochure but much, much more.

He also made it clear that for success to come to us we had to take ownership of the web site & he explained the implications of this in terms of our internal processes. This prepared us for success.

We had a lot of competition, some with very deep pockets for Adwords campaigns which we do not have and some using techniques which would be frowned upon.

Our only option was to rank in natural search & to use our own semi-viral approach, mixing online with offline. Within a short period not only were we showing up on Google for more than our own ‘brand’ terms but for the generic terms as well, & the phone started ringing. We are often asked how we became so successful so suddenly. In truth it is a mixture of receiving the right, impartial, advice & acting upon it.

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