Augmented Reality

shutterstock_77579656Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most potentially explosive areas in print, gaming, marketing and production.

An AR is loaded on your smartphone or tablet and uses the camera. As you move the device around the app overlays information on the camera screen, playing animations, videos or placing objects in place.

It knows where to put them based upon either visual triggers it sees in the camera or geographic positions of other objects relative to the smartphone and its orientation.

You can use an AR application for hundreds of uses, including giving directions on where to walk overlayed ont he pavement, where planets are, aircraft positions, can overlay items on the screen for virtual gaming or to show what an object would look like in a positioned within the room (useful for designing a garden or kitchen.  AR apps can also recognise coded images and display videos or animations (very useful for technical assistance for servicing a printer, car etc…

Digital Growth are at the cutting edge of AR and are happy to provide a demonstration of the possibilities behind this technology.

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