Adwords text ads are getting bigger

Yesterday saw the announcement in San Francisco of more enormous changes to how the Google Adwords platform will soon change.

Adwords advert sizes are getting bigger.  Following on from the removal of the right hand column, the world on Adwords advertising continues to be the realm of the brave and the committed.
Google text adverts are changing from 25 character headlines and two 35 character descriptions to a WHOPPING TWO 30 character headlines and one FULL 80 character description line.

What this means to you is the chance to present better, more descriptive, relevant ad copy, which will certainly increase your ad rank/quality score and reduce click costs.  This will doubtless involve ad-copy to be re-written which can take time and cost. But it is, in reality, a golden gift to those who care promote their services in Google search results and will, if done correctly, drive more real customers to your website, increasing your market share.

DG-Keith-2While this extra space is a gift. We advise caution.  We predict many advertisers, especially those who run their own accounts internally not under the guidance of an informed Partner, will use this space in a less than optimum way.  We advise planing NOW!!!  Get READY NOW.. Call us today to work out what we are going to say in this new space and how.

Keith Trigwell
Digital Growth

Increasing Market Share

As we all know now, major search engines will not bother with your website if they deem it irrelevant, not up to date, stagnant or can’t quite place what you’ve got to offer. And if your site is invisible in search, you are left with the options of paid advertising be it via search, display CPM or other contractual arrangements to maintain a respectable market share.

Imagine having some kind of power over your online future and a way of staying ahead of your competitors!  Not in some kind of half-hearted or meaningless way, but a truly useful way that allows you to see who you are competing against, what they offer, how they win business and how you can win it back.

This is precisely what you need to increase your company’s percentage share in an already mature and saturated market. If the market isn’t growing any more, you need a larger percentage of the available business.

How to gain those market share percentage points.

There are a number of ways to increase market share. These include strengthening customer relationships, using innovative technologies and products, having a happy and dedicated workforce and knowing your competition.

Digital Growth can not assist in the first of these; the last however, we have down to a tee.

Find your Competitors. The first task at hand is identifying your real competitors. 95% of the time when we ask clients to identify their competitors they relay a list of major or obvious competitors, then a lost of local companies that they want to do better than.  Most of the time these are pretty accurate lists but most aren’t usually aware of who they compete against in the online space. Sometimes who you think your competition are, may not be your real rivals at all?

Beat your Competitors.  You may have a unique selling proposition, your product may be innovative, value for money, and you may advertise, but do any of those work towards increasing your internet market share?

You have no possible way of knowing what your online market share is. You may have access to your Adwords stats, even to the site analytics (if so, well done!), but you can not know about your competitors. How much of what you got do they sell? How do people hear about them. What do customers type into the search engines to find them and convert? How do you compare?  Is your website optimised, have you written the right pages and are they built using the key phrases real customers use?

Meaningful actions & processes to gain online market share.

Digital Growth use specialist tools that grant visibility of all this information and more. Our review service reveals to business leaders what your competitors are doing, how you compare and what needs to change. We will know exactly who your online competitors are, how they rank in search engines, what key phrases are used on their web pages to attract certain traffic and convert it into sales. We can get specific info on what key words are worth for both paid and organic research.

An SEO audit will determine how your web site’s pages themselves may be working against you, highlighting what your IT or developer should change in order to help you climb higher.

Search engines also favour web pages with the right links from the right sites. As such they are more likely to rank a site with good inbound links higher than others as these links provide search engines with an insight into how well received your web site is in your industry compared to your competitor’s.

Digital Growth gather real data on the sites that link back to your competitors and you by means of a deep link analysis.  Serious customers who want to genuinely win market share will often opt for a specific review of their link profile vs their competitors, with all the short falls. They will then seek to increase their online exposure with fair, diligent approach to gathering relevant, fair links from the right web sites.

DG-MonikaSounds like a minefield? It is, but don’t worry. After Digital Growth report on all the above, we will guide you, your staff or your agents through the meanders of SEO, or, if instructed, resolve any problems we may identify.

All this is one step forward to increasing your market share.  But it starts by knowing what the shortcomings are.

Monika Izabela Goss.
Digital Growth

Adwords Right Column Removed. Surviving and benefitting.

Google recently deleted the right column search results, removing 2/3rd of the desktop advertising real estate, bringing it pretty much in line with Mobile and Tablet. Those ads in the right column will of course now largely be removed from search results.  Fair enough…. but don’t panic.

Many Adwords Advertisers will now be wondering how to cope with the loss of the right column advertising space. This is undoubtedly a major change and many professionals in the PPC industry have strong opposing views regarding how this will effect local, national and small business, why it happened and if it was responsible or not. The truth, as usual, rests in between extremes. But action is required.

We were initially shocked. Some clients were quickly on the phone, some angry feeling this was done to drive up click costs by compressing bidders into fewer spots.

Google’s view however is very few people clicked on the right column anyway.  And, well they are right and this is supported in the metrics of almost every Adwords account there is plus usage heat maps.

So, I’ll cut to the chase. If your ad was in the right column, it wasn’t getting clicked. Your options are to now get into positions 1-4. If you do you will get 15-20 times as much traffic from that ad as before anyway. Which will cost more because you’ll need to pay a little more per click, and there will be more clicks.

How do you prevent it from costing (too much) more?

Achieve a Higher Ad Rank  through a better Quality Score

A Higher Quality Score comes about through

  • Higher Click Through Rate
  • Better Landing Page Quality
  • A more focussed Adwords account structure targeting phrases to ads
  • being mindful of your potential clients
  • Better Ad Relevance

And when you have this extra traffic, ensure you are sending it to not just better landing pages, but pages that CONVERT.

To find out more about how to not only survive these changes but flourish as a result call 01444 316320 today.

Right hand column Adwords Changes and SEO

Many advertisers will have noticed that Google have changed the available advert slots on desktop search results pages, removing the entire right column in favour for a possible 4th advert in the top.

This has been the cause of concern for some local advertisers who have seen clicks from these slots lead to sales and those in positions 1-3 are worried this will drive up the costs of clicks with competitors pushing harder for position.

But it’s not all bad.

In truth heatmaps from real searches tend to show the lion share of traffic coming from adverts in positions 1-3.  In addition positions 1-4 offer far better adverts with 2 line sitelinks and more space. PLAs will still be shown.

In our view, regardless of how big your business is, this inevitable change reasserts the case for businesses to care for their local pack results and executing aconsidered white hat SEO strategy, giving users the content they want and presenting it in the most user friendly way.

To find out what your customers want, what your competitors are doing and how to compete, call 01444 316320 today.



New site for Nova Direct

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 21.03.18New client site now safely launched and live.  Nova Direct Mail are a 25 year established Direct Marketing Company at the very cutting edge of direct mail, data, fulfilment, Variable Data Printing and much more.

Replacing a new site properly is always complex.  As clever as the search engines are it’s best to not catch them off-guard and help them as much as possible to index and categorise your new site.  There is much more to this than just redirects.

If you are thinking about launching a new site, don’t just pull the trigger. Call today for an informal chat on how to target it and how to safely replace the site you have.

Words are rarely enough: Yesterday’s 3 camera HD video shoot.

Camera mic and cameraman

Small side camera and cameraman

Properly realised videos and animations are already the best form of corporate communication available.

We are certain this will become essential for all, particularly those with expertise.

This opinion is supported by the ongoing trend of web (and other format) technologies previously used by national, large scale corporates slowly filtering across to the regionalised SME market by necessity, then the savvy, small local operator.

Imagine our happiness at being able to offer a fully professional, 1040 HD production (with graphics and cut away shots)  to a highly valued client.  But, it doesn’t just happen.

Yesterday’s video shoot came about through the considered realisation that the client’s real value is their people and their consultative partnership, with their various expert and qualified services being the method of delivering what their own clients need, which remains paramount.

green screen and camera

Corporate video production using green screen

It is almost impossible to accurately describe this value in words at the same time as all the functional services plus their qualifications and standards and sheer professionalism and resources.

So video became the answer, all filmed within the parameters of essential confidentiality, as is so often required.

Video and animation is becoming one of our areas of expertise. Knowing when to shoot or animate, but also why, what and how to get that message across.

Digital Growth have expert video and animations teams available and we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Free Digital Strategy & Spend Reviews

‘Digital Growth’ are committed to local business.

To prove the point, and for a limited time, we are offering free, professional detailed digital marketing reviews. There are ONLY two slots available for this no obligation offer.

This includes a click spend review, identifying waste and new opportunities. These reviews have SAVED advertisers over £4,000 per calendar month.

This comes at a time where Digital Growth are extending their range of services to include professional video production, animation and Social Media execution.


Call today to apply for this review

Another successful Google Certified professional

mon-adwordsWe are pleased to announce that Monika Goss has passed her last exam to achieve certification for Google Adwords. Monika has been working on client accounts for Digital Growth for three years and, after we achieved Google Partnership, status decided to undertake this qualification, acing exams in record time.

Monika devising strategies and processes for clients, developing and refining accounts. Now she has the qualification she deserves.

To speak to us about Adwords call 01444 316320 today.

Another Google Exam Passed

DG-MonikaWe are very happy to see Monika Goss on her way to Adwords accreditation having just passed the first of a series of planned exams.

Monica has been designing and maintaining Adwords accounts for about three years and recently decided to undertake the lengthy process of gaining her accreditation.

Congratulations Monica. Keep on going.