Brochure Request Fulfillment and Handling

IMG_3116_1 Save money TODAY on brochures and printing.

When a potential customer requests a brochure or other sales information literate you want to get the material to them quickly to show that you not only offer a great service but that your are also an efficient business.

Nothing could be worse that a customer waiting for your brochure for so long that  when it arrives they have either forgotten who you are or, worse, made alternative arrangements with a local competitor. lea ing you with the costs of sale adding up but less sales.

Digital Growth offer a brochure request handling service where we can receive your brochures into our storage and dispatch facility and send them out to clients. We will also print brochures in house, to the highest quality, and move these to your storage area.


Brochure print and fulfillment on demand
You may also work in a seasonal field where products change quickly and it doesn’t make sense to store large volumes of brochures, waiting to be requested.

Many companies also fall into the trap of over ordering brochures to reduce the unit cost. This can very easily be a false economy when brochures go out of date unexpectedly, leaving sometimes thousands of unusable brochures wasted.

Our ‘Print on Demand’ service, while with sometime complicated set up, resolves these problems once and for all.

You don’t print brochures out unless they are requested. We receive requests, print the brochure or part brochure, and send the literature to your prospect. We can even customise them with your prospect’s name, address and include only the information they are interested in, plus tell you who they are should you wish to follow up their approach with a sales contact.

Your customer experience is then very simple. They visit your web site, request the information they require which they receive the following day, customised to them.

When your brochure requires changes, we just update the digital files we keep on our systems and the new brochure is ready.

To find out more about this essential service call Digital Growth today or contact us using the firm below.

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