Computer Systems Engineers

We are an established provider of IT Network Support and maintenance and PC Manufacturer and components retailer. Digital Growth must GENUINELY be one of the most selfless, responsible companies we could imagine dealing with.

Like many of their clients we had a website which was under performing.  While all the technical details were in place we did not possess the internal knowledge or processes to make a success of the project.  We are technical people, not marketeers.

Digital Growth met with us on numerous occasions with the focus of every meeting being ‘how can we make this work’.  There have been at least a dozen calls where knowledge and expertise and in some instances time and resource have been freely given to help us change our fortunes.

We are doing a lot of the work ourselves and it is a work in progress but we now understand what is happening, what needs to happen and how to get there through proper of our analytical data.

We are also proud to be one of Digital Growth’s first PPC / Adwords customers. We cannot recommend Digital Growth fast enough because of their integrity and fairness and without them we would have quickly fallen prey to less beneficial arrangements.

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