Getting to the Top of Google

Getting to the top of Google and staying there.

shutterstock_93694516Getting to the top of Google (whatever that actually means) and staying there is a laudible objective indeed but probably not the best way to think about your digital marketing and is the one thing some digital marketing people do not want you to know about. The ‘Penguin’ update is a prime example of this with millions of web sites suffering a drop in rankings because of bad link building practices which agencies knew at some point would be rejected, yet some years link building at almost any cost was considered the ONLY form of SEO left. And it is not SEO at all.Many agencies will make impressive promises to get you listed at the top of Google because they believe this is what you want to hear.

And while this is easy for non competitive search terms, for the terms which will sky rocket your traffic, this top spot may be something you don’t actually want (depending upon your business), may be unobtainable (depending upon your industry, other industries and your competitors) and may involve activities which Google will stamp out at some point, your site along with it. Good link building practices are a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and form part of a suite of activities within that genre. Here at Digital Growth we employ a simple policy of If Google wouldn’t like it, we wont do it. And the one thing Google don’t want, is anything to artificially skew their ability to order and rank the most relevant sites for a particular term. It’s simple really. Any practice which does this, is likely to be considered unfair by Google at some point. And the person in your business responsible for the website knows to stay on the right side of Google and other search engines and play by their rules of business. To find out more about ethical sustainable local Sussex SEO speak to Digital Growth today on 01444 254362.

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