Mills Removals

Always looking to improve, win more business & attract more work we were keen to speak to someone who could provide pointers.

We have a reasonably successful Adwords campaign through an external provider which is quite expensive. However, our site was not being found in Google organically for any desirable terms & we wanted to engage with a business who would look after our interests first, give us the truth about what needed to happen & help us improve our natural search results. Sadly, we had no one on our side. We also had no way of knowing what was happening on our web site or why.

Another area of concern is while we have a site that can be updated quite easily, unfortunately there is no-one in the business who has the time or necessary expertise to meet many of the additional tasks required to run a successful web site.

Digital Growth have gone three or four steps further than other Digital Agencies in that they looked at our overall solution and have helped us prioritise matters and have shown us the route to a more successful project.

They have conduced our key phrase research and optimised our web site and continue to manage this as the site grows. They also perform some updates should we need them.

While we are now organically showing on page one of Google for our desired brand terms Digital Growth are assisting us in additional, somewhat more obvious ways of improving our profile using legitimate and fair means.

These days have a very good idea of why people come to us and a strong idea about what to do to improve matters.

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