Not all Adwords traffic is the same.

Businesses, whether they transact online or not, need to target traffic beyond vague keyword matches. Any company who do this benefit with visitors who specifically

  • want or need your services
  • are considering it
  • can afford your services
  • have no blocks to dealing with your specific company
  • are in or approaching a position to proceed
  • will, if appropriate, return and
  • will refer your services to others.

Google Adwords provides volumes of data.  Data that can be interpreted in a meaningful way, just like analytics but more focused on the customers you have not won rather than those who visit your site. Your business will learn from this data through regular reviews of account activity. This not only helps refine the clicks and identify newsources of clicks, it can actually help you identify new markets for new or existing products.

Increasing Improvements.
Your Google Adwords Account should change over time and become increasingly effective. As you identify customer behavior it’s ‘shape’ can change to better target unknown customer behaviors, becoming more elegant. This not only help you reduce unwanted costs, it helps you target niches or new phrases you hadn’t considered.

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