Right hand column Adwords Changes and SEO

Many advertisers will have noticed that Google have changed the available advert slots on desktop search results pages, removing the entire right column in favour for a possible 4th advert in the top.

This has been the cause of concern for some local advertisers who have seen clicks from these slots lead to sales and those in positions 1-3 are worried this will drive up the costs of clicks with competitors pushing harder for position.

But it’s not all bad.

In truth heatmaps from real searches tend to show the lion share of traffic coming from adverts in positions 1-3.  In addition positions 1-4 offer far better adverts with 2 line sitelinks and more space. PLAs will still be shown.

In our view, regardless of how big your business is, this inevitable change reasserts the case for businesses to care for their local pack results and executing aconsidered white hat SEO strategy, giving users the content they want and presenting it in the most user friendly way.

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