Rodal Anti Slip

We have had a website & Pay Per click account for many years. Periodically the site would struggle in paid search results & organic search would be temperamental. What was worse we did not have any real idea what traffic it was attracting, from where or why.  It’s almost like the site was not ours.

When we first approached Digital Growth we were obviously keen to resolve the problems but were unsure as to how effective any means could be in the competitive online world & with such a small budget.

Digital Growth took the time to appraise us of the real situation and outlined everything in terms of a best advice approach, similar to that of a Pensions advisor, focussing on a long term strategy with short term objectives & indicating how the various parts of a Web site marketing strategy could fit together around what was appropriate for us as a business with different seasonal elements.

It took a lot of work and we had to engage with the process ourselves. Taking internal responsibility for our site, our content & our future while Digital Growth did the donkey work and the strategic planning, leaving us to get on with making public floor spaces safe and keeping injuries and insurance claims to a minimum for our own clients. Best of all, there are many more of them for us to worry about.

We are VERY pleased with the results as we now rank on page 1 for all of our target key terms in organic search & we understand what is happening with our site and our customers.

What is more, we are no longer spending wildly varying amounts of money each month on Pay Per Click advertising and not knowing what this is or isn’t generating.

With clicks doubled and costs halved we are targeting purchasing customers with our site.

Our limited monthly commitment we made to Digital Growth has proven to be the best long-term investment imaginable.

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