Strategic Consultancy

Strategic web consultancyWhen you engage Digital Growth’s strategic consultancy services you bring on board a partner to take responsibility for forensically evaluating your web sites and contracts.

Our strategic consultancy services include any actions and advice on ALL our basic SEO services designed to put your site in good organic standing with the search sphere.

Once on board we don’t just discover who is visiting and why, how they found you, what they are doing and why they are leaving. We also look at the WHOLE of your web arrangements. We will also help you evaluate any existing providers and give an honest assessment of the true value of any expenditure you are meeting.

Consultancy is not for everyone. Many companies are unable to allocate regular times to bring the key staff together.

handsWe do however advise companies to consider this and allocate regular times to review their web sites and slowly but surely edge the web projects forward in a considered way relevant to their business.

Our consultancy rates can vary depending upon the nature of the project and of course we can reduce our hourly rates depending upon the commitment the business is able to meet.


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