Video Production

Get noticed with a video or viral video.

shutterstock_98095085Videos are the definitive content medium with people preferring to watch short videos than read long pages. Not only that, they spread like wildfire and as such are extremely important for online business. All manner of companies are now investing heavily in this medium producing funny and informative videos to promote their products or services.

Digital Growth offer marketing consultation around this and a full video production service including

  • pre-production
  • filming
  • editing
  • graphics
  • presenters
  • effects
  • titles and
  • post-production

If required Digital Growth will also look at your message and product to formulate ideas and storyboards to create something with the intention of viral shares.

Viral Videos for Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
Viral videos are videos produced and uploaded that viewers share via social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. They are called viral because if one person shares with 50 people, and those 50 share with 50 each, within 2 shares your video has reached 2,500 exposures, 2 shares = 125,000, 4 shares = 6,250,000 people…

Being community minded, users within the online social scene have a sense of community and are very quick to share captivating, interesting, funny or emotive videos to friends or contacts in common interest groups.

We believe that while informative niche video productions have their place, the opportunity to create a unique and well considered online video should rarely be passed up.

Speak to us today to discover video production as a viable mechanism and where this is best applied.

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