Web Analytics Management and Reporting

straightroadMost business owners know the importance of their web analytics data, but very few can interpret this data in a meaningful which related to their objectives.

All successful web projects have analytics software monitoring activity and professional analysts producing ‘actionable insights’. While almost all web sites use Analytics software of some kind, reporting the data in a meaningful way however is somewhat a dark art and reporting on the activity is often ignored due to the sheer scale of data being to wide and unfocused. Given this Analytics packages then mostly remain in place, capturing data, but with no-one in the business truly utilising the data to the advantage of the business.

Our analytics service is much more than just producing reports. It is the entire acknowledgement of KPIs and KRAs, identifying four or five out of possibly thousands of metrics, reporting on them and establishing ways in which you, the business owner, can influence them.

Digital Growth will manage your Analytics reporting, design reports which are meaningful to your business objectives and produce regular scheduled reports and summaries.

Call us today to find out what is happening on your site and how to grow your business.

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