Planning your Web Marketing

webstrategyThe best business websites are those with a purposeful plan, designed to achieve specific targets and business goals

This comes about by working hard to not only understand the requirements but also how any products or services may appeal to specific markets.

All while working in conjunction with any offline marketing or processes.

Many digital agencies offer adequate services but often they lack the experience to properly model the connections between what you do and your target markets. Not only this but they could also be working primarily to their own agenda, not your businesses.

Digital Growth are different. We understand what is required and are 100% dedicated to delivering and executing a customised intelligent service for your specific business, with agency focus and employee loyalty but at a far lower cost or commitment than either.

Formulating your commercial web strategy.


There are numerous elements to consider, when drafting a commercial strategy not least of all any existing processes or contracts that your digital strategy has to be in harmony with.

Digital Growth staff experience comes from this position of the business owner dealing with agencies since 1997!

We will

  • discuss the strengths and weaknesses of all tactical processes and execution styles, such as aggressive PPC campaigns over seasonal shifts, or where pricing fluctuates for thousands of prices simultaneously.
  • discuss with you how to set up internal teams to process the content and site to keep you up to date, search relevant and legal.
  • help you identify the strategically ideal split between traffic sources
  • most effective structure to your sites navigation, pages and urls.

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