Web Site Management

shutterstock_101780047With many facets to a successful web site its’ daily management can also take many forms.

Digital Growth have experience from 1997 in maintaining and managing large corporate, mission critical web sites and can undertake these services for you. Our previous experience comes from The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships, The Rugby Football Union, England Rugby and Cosmos Holidays

Our services fall loosely into the following three categories

Supplier Management Service :
You may have inherited a provider of web services and be tied (contractually or otherwise) to that provider. You may be happy with the service and merely wish to maintain or improve these benefits. You may need someone on your side who speaks the same language for peace of mind. You may wish to move away from this provider in a controlled way.

Regardless of your requirement, Digital Growth will objectively manage projects and relationships with integrity. We will also review quotations or tenders for work, simplifying technical talk.

Content Management Service :
A good web site is one where the content is accurately and appropriately maintained. While it will always be ideal for a business to maintain its own web content, some companies are unable through being either too busy or temporarily lacking the resources.

Digital Growth’s content team can manage your web site’s content (and that of your social media channels). This includes carrying out content changes as required,  ‘A/B or multivariate testing’, managing images, graphics, downloads, forums, blog post comments and more.

Marketing Management :
Digital Growth can take ont he marketing of your web site, maintaining the analytics reporting, SEO and Adwords campaigns, leaving you to get on with the business itself..

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