Words are rarely enough: Yesterday’s 3 camera HD video shoot.

Camera mic and cameraman

Small side camera and cameraman

Properly realised videos and animations are already the best form of corporate communication available.

We are certain this will become essential for all, particularly those with expertise.

This opinion is supported by the ongoing trend of web (and other format) technologies previously used by national, large scale corporates slowly filtering across to the regionalised SME market by necessity, then the savvy, small local operator.

Imagine our happiness at being able to offer a fully professional, 1040 HD production (with graphics and cut away shots)  to a highly valued client.  But, it doesn’t just happen.

Yesterday’s video shoot came about through the considered realisation that the client’s real value is their people and their consultative partnership, with their various expert and qualified services being the method of delivering what their own clients need, which remains paramount.

green screen and camera

Corporate video production using green screen

It is almost impossible to accurately describe this value in words at the same time as all the functional services plus their qualifications and standards and sheer professionalism and resources.

So video became the answer, all filmed within the parameters of essential confidentiality, as is so often required.

Video and animation is becoming one of our areas of expertise. Knowing when to shoot or animate, but also why, what and how to get that message across.

Digital Growth have expert video and animations teams available and we are happy to discuss your requirements.

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