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shutterstock_110651012Give your business elbow room.

During your growth periods high numbers of customer orders will impact on other areas of your business and development opportunities.

Whether you operate a small e-business or larger concern you will be very aware of the impact dealing with customer order dispatch and paperwork can have on your sales and management activity.

It may mean someone has to be available 24-7 to deal with orders, meaning sickness and time off is difficult to organise. Maybe it is already difficult to complete any one of the tasks added to your ‘to do’ list each day or hard to get time to even go to meetings. But buying a warehouse and paying staff is impossible due to the investment.

Not only this but you will doubtless wish to retain the high service standard you have worked to to this point. Our service is dedicated to a boutique style customisation, delivering a service which matches your brand and industry.

Let Digital Growth place your stock into our dry, professional secure environment while you focus on getting your web site, eBay or Amazon account to send more customer orders to our integrated system and our staff manage paperwork, picking, packing and dispatching your customer orders.

You then do not have to worry about receiving too many orders, just how to get more orders using maybe some if our SEO and Adwords services and you merely increase your profit.

Typically costs are
£1.25p for the first item in any order (inc, labels, making up the box etc)and then
0.25p for each additional item
plus Postage (via most suitable courier)
plus packaging (supplied by ourselves or any existing supplier).

Call us today or use the contact form below to find out how we can take the strain of your success.


Actual warehouse facility in Sussex


Actual warehouse facility in Sussex

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