Social Media Marketing

shutterstock_106134965Social Media, Facebook and Twitter are the buzzwords of the hour. With so many businesses engaged in short messages no one can be blamed for wondering what the fuss is about.

Social Media Messages are a wonderful way to attract new, yet often like minded customers, followers or subscribers to your digital feeds.

These mechanisms  for delivering social messages are very different to other online messages is that they are ‘pushed’ to the subscriber, and shared virally between users because it resonates with them. Much like word-of-mouth. This is as opposed to waiting to be actively sought out.

Social Media Mobile Messaging
Another great pull of social media messaging is it is suited to the mobile platform so well, and this means the transfer of those messages becomes so much faster and almost in real time due to mobiles always being with their owners.

Digital Growth Social Media Messaging.
The importance elements of social messaging is not just to set up the mechanisms with the right social tools and the right people and processes to run them, but to also engage with your customers in a meaningful way through these mechanisms. And that isnt always easy.
Digital Growth will discuss the features of this mechanism with you in detail to see what real advantages may be of benefit to you and your company.

We will discover new messages and engage with your followers and fans through our publications messaging systems, instantly delivering cohesive and synchronized messages instantly across all of your platforms including Bebo, Twitter and Facebook.

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