Web Management

Protect your future & business interests


The web and the way things are done changes daily. Management of a web site is a specialist skill and not always available within a businesses staff.

There are endless technical changes and opportunities, continual alterations to search engines, new trends within online business and evolving ways to reach new customers with new expectations. Endless opportunities for suppliers to use the technology more for their benefit than yours.

Large companies often have internal departments because they know this and are aware of the pitfalls of having their futures to external agencies with their own business goals. Your business can now easily afford this too for a very small retainer.

Digital Growth is made up of ex in-house staff very experienced in ensuring their projects are set up for the business owner for the long term and suppliers are held to deliver the services they charge for.

Let us take on the responsibility for making sure

  1. your web sites are set up and managed for your interests
  2. projects are kept on track
  3. analytical data and reporting is accurate, meaningful and utilised.

Best suited to local Sussex businesses, but able to go further afield, our experienced ‘digital department’ staff will take these worries away from you, representing you with supplier meetings and even review contracts.

Contact us on the form below to find out more and be very surprised at the low costs of this service.

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