Be Careful with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

pickedoutbygoogleThere are numerous things a web site owner or someone working on their behalf can do to help Google index a site properly and fit into their rightful place within the rankings for particular key phrases.

Over the years there have also been many new (thankfully short-lived) ideas and practices surrounding “optimisation” and ways of forcing a site to rank highly in search engines. There have however been just two golden ideas which are responsible, right and have remained constant and are the unchallenged strategy Digital Growth adhere to.

1) White Hat SEOs like Digital Growth have always maintained site owners should NOT engage in any practice that would give false impression to the search algorithms.
2) Web site owners should try to generate useful, meaningful, clear content, written for humans to read, not search bots. A search engine MUST always favor fresh content from reliable sources over old. This is the same idea that Google themselves go to extra ordinary lengths to promote to the industry.

These are long term strategies and are in the best interests of our clients. Call us today to find our more about how we can help you get on the right path and adopt the best practices on your site and in your social media.


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