Fruit Basket or Basket Case?

We have spoken about the Blunderbuss Approach in marketing and how detrimental and costly it can be to your business. This can be mirrored in ill considered Pay Per Click campaigns, where if created with poor market research (poor understanding of the market you are trying to target) and poor knowledge on how keywords work, you can end up with very high costs and very little, or indeed no, business. Let’s take a look at this closely… Say your company specializes in making and selling fruit baskets on small scale (custom made) and you are prepared to distribute those across the UK only, due to short longevity of your product.
Here, we will disect the danger of marketing to inapropriate prospective clients. You think you are ready to conquer the AdWords, you create your campaign, bearing in mind you know your own product best, you do not research the market well beforehand, but this is not vital, in your mind, you have your website in front of you for reference, and off you go….

. You create your first campaign and let it run on Search and Display Networks
. You let it run the world over
. You bid for broad matched keyowrds such as “fruit”,”basket”, “custom made”
. You let Google automate your bids around those keywords
. You create one Add as prompted
. You sit back and ….


How did this happen?! You know your product well, you make the fruit baskets yourself after all, and you think you know who will buy them.
Do you?
Well,perhaps you may have an idea but without a clear strategy to whom to market and how, you are doomed and you have spent on clicks that brought you no business whatsoever and cost you your investment into the campaign without any return. Here is why….
Your precious add was shown randomly all over the world and every time someone typed “buy fruit” into Google. Someone in Japan clicked it. They actually searched for a fruit machine but as you had not set that as negative keyword, your add was displayed and consequently clicked on and you got charged the click price, quite a high one too, bearing in mind this keyword is very generic and therefore costly.
Obviously this example is not realistic, but you can see where we are getting at. You know you are shooting (BLUNDERBUSS), but whether you are reaching your target or not is another matter.
The moral of that example is; you should not only learn to gather good quality sales leads but avoid the Blunderbuss Approach in your Pay Per Click campaigns too.

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Monica Goss

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