Having been professionally involved in several web projects before with the lead strategist at Digital Growth I knew the level of experience they had at their disposal. We are a multi million pound web project and for us getting the details as close to right as possible is imperative.

The first day long meeting with Digital Growth was extremely valuable and it made us think of way to yield multiple fold improvements almost immediately.  We were introduced to new strategic marketing concepts within our very particular and microcosm marketplaces & a plan for putting our best foot forward first to ensure that future investment yielded results far in excess of what they would have been.

Digital Growth engaged with us professionally, honestly, transparently & integrated with our internal team seamlessly and generously, training our staff when and where they needed it, making sure that the business had people in it who understood what needed to happen.

Digital Growth put Gigseen.TV first as they had promised to.  I can not recommend Digital Growth strongly enough.

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